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February, 2015

Recently, we received this wonderful note from a grant recipient:

"Grants represent hope for educators who see opportunities that might be outside of the norm.  I believe that educators who are not afraid to innovate often have the strongest impact on students.  Organizations like the BEF empower these educators."

An educator can be defined as a coach, a teacher, a facilitator, a Scout leader, a guidance counselor, a media specialist, a police chief, a gardener, a scientist, a small business owner, an artist, a librarian and more!'

Won't YOU join us in empowering these educators?

With your help, the Brookfield Education Foundation has been promoting and financially supporting new and innovative educational programs in our community since 2003. Since our last annual campaign in February 2014, we have funded over $47,000 through eleven grants that enrich education in the entire Brookfield community.  Please refer to the newsletter found on our home page for detailed descriptions of the educational opportunities made possible by our generous contributors.   Truly amazing in both their creativity and scope, these programs highlight the many and diverse facets of innovative education:  music, technology, literacy, leadership, fitness, collaborative team building, and community education/support.

We are so grateful for your generosity each year and hope you will be able to support our mission to marshal and provide resources for lifelong learning by Brookfield residents of all ages.
Best Wishes,

Colette Sturm
Brookfield Education Foundation





The honors are in!

The Brookfield Education Foundations thanks all who have donated in honor of a Brookfield educator who has made a difference in their child's life. Each honoree has received a certificate of appreciation and their name has been included in our annual listing.

We congratulate all of our honorees, and thank them for all that they continue to do for our youth.

Click here to see the list of the 2014 honorees.

newsletterThe WINTER 2015 edition of the Foundation's newsletter is now available.

Click here to download a copy.